Sir William Osler, a Canadian physician, once said

"In Science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurred"  Our services

Why Elisch?

Thousands of papers are rejected based on language mistakes. Often the editor does not get past the abstract and already refuses to read further, solely based on the arrangement of the first 300 words. One thing is speaking English fluently and another is having the command of the language as a native speaker. Those with English as a second language make small mistakes in pronunciation, word organization or word choice that give them away. So here is our goal! We offer to correct your grammar and we encourage you to develop your English skills. After our suggestions you will pass as an English native speaker and editors will not be distracted by language mistakes and, rather, will pay attention to your scientific discoveries.


Who we are

We are a group of scientists and professors with various scientific backgrounds including but not limited to biochemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacology, physics, and medicine as well as an in-depth knowledge and experience with grammar. Our experienced team offers a way to check your English with full privacy.


What we do

We know many scientific articles are rejected by editors solely because of grammar and spelling mistakes that prevent your ideas from being presented clearly. You may have a great idea but you must also be able to share it so that it is understood. Here is where we come in. We correct your grammar, sentence structure, and make suggestions to make your article easily understood. If the editors are not distracted by language mistakes your only feedback will be for the most important part of your article; your scientific ideas.